Specialising in: Audio abridging. Copy-editing. Manuscript Appraisal. Proofreading. Structural editing. Scanning

Our editorial partnership was founded over 30 years ago to work on all forms of editing for book publishers such as Arrow, Headline, Simon & Schuster, Collins and Heinemann; to abridge fiction and non-fiction for national magazines (Woman, Woman's Own, Woman & Home) and newspapers (Daily Express, Observer, Sun, The Times, Today) and to scout for material for them; to do the same for Scandinavian publications such as Norsk Ukeblad and Vi Menn; to edit fiction magazines aimed at the middle market and to review books (Woman's Own, Best, Woman, Today).

These days our concentration is on editing for publishers. We also abridge, mainly for audio publishers, but also for book publishers and literary agents who sometimes find a book too long for profitable paperback publication or foreign rights sales or who want to turn a "normal" book into a coffee table one. And once a month Kati reviews the latest audiobooks for the Daily Express.

How good are we? Very good indeed! And always up for new challenges. So whether you are a publisher with a manuscript that needs editing, intensively or lightly, or a would-be author with a work you want professionally assessed, contact us.